Made-to-Measure Roman Blinds & Custom Window Shades

Roman blinds rightfully wear the crown among window treatments du jour. Whether you’re looking for streamlined practicality or an aesthetic adornment, roman blinds win both cases with ease and in style. And we delight in seeing our roman blinds impress modern decor enthusiasts with their sleek finesse, as much as they charm the classical decor lovers with their timeless allure. 

From the apartments overlooking vibrant landscapes of London’s bustling streets and chic lofts of Paris to the coastal retreats of the Amalfi and the stately manors dotting the Scottish highlands, roman blinds elegantly frame windows with views of city skylines, serene coastlines, and verdant landscapes alike. So, wherever your sweet abode may be and whatever its aesthetic, roman blinds can be the final note that completes the symphony of your decor.

So cheers to your discerning taste for choosing to be here with us! With that spirit, we warmly welcome you to explore the largest online collection of made-to-measure roman blinds. Let’s begin with the most exciting part: an introduction to our exquisite gems. 

A Sneak Peek into The White Window’s Roman Blinds Collection

With over 3000 fabrics that include everything between homely linens to luxe velvets and huh-hush textures to vivacious patterns, our collection will leave you spoilt for choices.

If you love the language of neutrals, we have candidates like Darwin Crystal, Ash Spray, Espana, and hundreds of others to win you over. But if vibrant and vivid defines your vibe, our team of cheerful blinds including esteemed members like Coral Grazing, Hara, and Cherry Blossom will live up to your vision. 

Coming to fabric materials, we offer a fantastic range encompassing everything between cosy cottons and opulent silks to gauzy sheers and thermal blackouts. Let’s take you on a short tour! For clients who are keen to use organic skin-friendly materials, we offer hypoallergenic, natural, pure cotton & linen options like Buckskin, Cloud Nyne, Ballaton. For the connoisseurs of opulent refinement, we offer our premium shantung/ dupioni silks and velvets, dripping old-world grandeur in every thread and weave. Notable mentions include Ballet Slipper, Blissful Nori, and Mystic Midnight, backed by hundreds of others.

In case you are looking for practicality thrown into the mix with the beauty and comfort of the pure cottons, linens, and silks, we offer you our ‘beauty with brain’ blended fabrics collection. From the textured beauty of silk blend blinds like Bridgerton to the embroidered artistry of options like Tailored Tassels, you’ll find a happy surprise in virtually every corner of our store.

With our patterns & print collection, we bring you gems and tales from every corner of the world. Steal a slice of India with Jaipur’s block-printed Berries Cream or the ever-majestic aura of Thanjavur with its tropical plantain trees and royal elephants. A land away and you will find yourself captivated by our Moroccan tile printed blinds like Moroccan Escape. Travel to the west and uncover traditional tartans and ‘highlandic’ argyll check-inspired prints like Silver Stone and Harlequin.

All in all, whatever your window needs, your search will end with The White Window. But before you launch into your shopping spree, do make notes of some useful tips from our expert stylists below.  

Five Steps to Your Perfect Made-to-Measure Roman Blind

Custom roman shades can be the perfect haute couture dressings for your windows when styled right. And for that, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of this window treatment. Coming straight from the notepads of our stylists, here are the five simple steps that will lead you to your perfect made-to-measure roman blind from The White Window:

PICK THE PERFECT FABRIC: Factoring in three key aspects - material composition, pattern and palette — the fabric choice goes a long way in nailing the look, vibe, and functionality of your roman blinds. To explain with an example, a bold-coloured, damask velvet blind immediately reads classical, possibly requiring a high level of maintenance while a plain neutral cotton meets the eyes as a modern adornment with the add-on promise of being easy to maintain. So the first step is to pick a fabric that meets your aesthetic vision and practical priorities.

SELECT A SUITABLE LINING: Just as every brushstroke enhances a canvas, choosing the right lining further enriches your roman blinds. With sheer roman blinds being an exception for obvious reasons, we recommend lining behind most other fabrics to protect them from sun damage, maximise their longevity, and improve their visual appeal. At The White Window, we offer two lining options - privacy and blackout. Your choice will be hinged on the room’s functionality, and your privacy and light control requirements. To know more about the lining options and make an informed choice, visit our blog post on Lining Options for Roman Blinds.

FIND THE FITTING FOLD: Our made-to-measure roman blinds come in three fold styles catering to varied aesthetic mandates. Each fold style weaves its own narrative: the European style - with its gentle scallop - spells sheer elegance and whispers of traditional decor’s indulgent excesses. The front-slatted flat fold stands as an architectural masterpiece with its slatted contours, while the back-slatted plain fold speaks in minimalist eloquence with its clean profile, a subtle yet profound statement. Each style comes with nuances that make it especially fitting for certain fabrics, windows and decor styles. To learn more about each of the fold styles on offer, refer to our Roman Blinds Style Guide.

PICK THE MOUNTING POSITION: Roman blinds can be mounted either within the window recess or outside the window frame. Both mounting positions come with their own set of benefits and the choice will depend on several factors like availability of space, depth of the window, prospects of layering the shades with curtains or blinds, and so on. While inside-mounted blinds wear the ‘bespoke’ badge with honour, fitting snugly within the exact dimensions of the window, they may not be viable for small windows with shallow recesses. In such situation, outside mounted blinds are the heroes. They cover the window frame, which makes them an even more befitting asset if you have plain window trims that you’d ideally like to hide. For a more detailed discussion, refer to our blog post on Inside Vs. Outside Mount Roman Blinds.

FINISH WITH FINESSE: Embellishments like tassel trims, ribbons and braids are the last finishing touch that completes the painting. Whether you’re aiming for a modern streamlined look warmed up with a ribbon trim or an ornate style defined by hand-knotted details of dangling tasselled trims, our collection will live up to every one of your wishes and whims. Check out our Roman Blinds Trims Collection to complete your masterpiece! 

Where Roman Blinds Reign! 

Capable of featuring any colour, pattern and fabric under the sun, roman shades come with infinite design potential to cater to the aesthetic mandate of any home and the functional requirements of any room. Their bespoke appeal, sleek coverage and ease of operation make them instant favourites for clients who look for aesthetic richness not short of practical ease. But while roman blinds make strong candidates for almost every home and room, there are certain settings where they simply are the la opción perfecta, such as -  

SMALL WINDOWS: While industrial blinds provide very little decor value and full-length drapes look disproportionate on small windows, roman blinds effortlessly marry style with functionality. They stop at the sill, taking away nothing from the practical ease of small windows and converting them into charming features with colours, textures and patterns.

SMALL ROOMS: In small spaces, inside-mount roman blinds often prove to be the ideal window dressing, fitting snugly within the window recess and not taking up any wall or floor space in an already small room. Unlike other tight-fit options like roller blinds, which lack designer appeal and breadth of choices, roman blinds - by virtue of being fabric window treatments - not only serve a functional purpose but also enable clients to bring any colour and pattern to their space.

BAY WINDOWS: Roman blinds have always been a popular choice for bay windows. For bay windows with radiators or inbuilt seating, roman shades offer the convenience of sleek sill-length coverage that avoids infringing on the elements underneath. Even if the floor under the bay window bank is free, roman blinds are preferred window dressings as, fitting snugly into each window, they expose the window frames and highlight their architectural beauty, as opposed to curtains that would have veiled that showstopper feature with a sweeping coverage. And when folded up, they dress each window like a valance furthering the classical appeal of that architectural gem.

WINDOWS WITH RADIATORS UNDERNEATH: Roman shades that stop at the sill are an effective solution for windows with radiators underneath. Where woven wooden shades can warp and crack, and sill-length curtains may not vibe with the aesthetic of the room, roman blinds perform an impressive feat while also upholding the decor language of the room. Blackout roman shades will go a step further and resist the leak out of thermal energy from the room, reducing the burden on your radiator and the digits in your bills. Now that’s what is called a masterstroke!

NURSERIES & PET-PROOF HOMES: If your house needs to be child-proof or pet-proof, short curtains and roman shades are your safest bet. Since they are out of reach for them, the possibility of accidents is nullified. Furthermore, when you shop from The White Window, your roman blinds come with child safety anchors that you can use to secure the dangling chords, keeping them out of reach of your little ones and furbabies, doubly ensuring their safety. Pssst…it is also easier to keep your blinds safe from their grimy hands and chewing teeth. We’re thoughtful that way!

KITCHEN & BATHROOM WINDOWS: The windows that are most prone to splishy-splashy moments need window treatments that can steer clear and be away from moisture and wetness. Besides, they must be sturdy and efficient treatments that are easy to manoeuvre. So it’s no surprise that roman blinds make the better cut in such high-traffic and functional spaces. Besides, being tucked away into the window frame, they efficiently evade the slushy business below.

Shop Made-to-Measure Roman Blinds from The White Window

Beauty meets bespoke in the best possible way at The White Window. With expert advice from our specialists, comprehensive guides, and endless customization options, finding the perfect fit for your windows is a breeze. 

If you’re already impressed with this short introduction and a peek into our collection, we hope you’re ready to be blown away by our complete collection of over 3000 fabrics waiting to make you fall in love with them. The wait comes to an end, we leave you here — just a short exploration and a few clicks away from dressing your windows in bespoke perfection. Welcome to The White Window ‘blindsverse’!